Professor Yuan Ming HUANG

School of Mathematics and Physics
Changzhou University
Changzhou, Jiangsu 213164
Phone & Fax: (+86)–519–86056701



Research Interests

  • Synthesis and the characterizations of liquid crystals

  • Synthesis and characterizations of conducting polymers such as polyacetylene and polypyrrole

  • Fabrication and characterization of silicon nanostructures

  • Fabrication and characterization of phosphorescent materials

  • Synthesis and characterization of photonic materials

  • Design and fabrication of solar cells


09/1999-02/2004 Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University PhD in Chemical Physics
09/1997-08/1999 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology PhD in Physics
09/1991-06/1994 Department of Physics, Peking University M.S.
09/1985-06/1989 Department of Physics, Wuhan University B.S.

Career Track

  • 9/2010―today: Professor, School of Mathematics and Physics, Changzhou University, Jiangsu, China

  • 2/2008―8/2010: Professor, College of Physics and Electronic Information, Yunnan Normal University, Yunnan, China

  • 6/2004―1/2008: Professor, Department of Applied Physics, Shantou University, Guangdong, China

  • 7/1994―8/1997: Researcher, Nanyang Institute of Science and Technology, Henan, China

  • 7/1989―8/1991: Researcher, Nanyang Institute of Science and Technology, Henan, China

Academic Activities

Chair, 2009 International Symposium on Liquid Crystal Science and Technology (Kunming, China)

Chair, 2010 International Conference on Optical, Electronic and Electrical Materials (Kunming, China)

Chair, 2nd International Symposium on Liquid Crystals: Science and Technology (Changzhou, 2011)

Chair, 2nd International Conferennce on Optical, Electronic and Electrical Materials (Shanghai, 2012)

Edited Books

Selected Publications

Dr. Huang has authored and co-authored 187 pieces of papers, in which 50 of them were SCI indexed and 124 were EI indexed (complete list of publications). Some selections are listed as follows:

  1. B.G. Zhai, Q.L. Ma, R. Xiong, X. Li, Y.M. Huang*, Blue–green afterglow of BaAl2O4:Dy3+ phosphors, Materials Research Bulletin 75 (2016) 1–6.

  2. Q.L. Ma, Y.M. Huang*, Improved photovoltaic performance of dye sensitized solar cell by decorating TiO2 photoanode with Li-doped ZnO nanorods, Materials Letters 148 (2015) 171-173.

  3. Q.L. Ma, B.G. Zhai, Y.M. Huang*, Effect of sol-gel combustion temperature on the luminescent properties of trivalent Dy doped SrAl2O4, Ceramics International 41 (2015) 5830–5835

  4. Y.M. Huang*, Q.L. Ma, Long afterglow of trivalent dysprosium doped strontium aluminate, Journal of Luminescence 160 (2015) 271-275.

  5. Q.L. Ma, R. Xiong, B.G. Zhai, Y.M. Huang*, Ultrasonic synthesis of fern–like ZnO nanoleaves and thEIr enhanced photocatalytic activity, Applied Surface Science 324 (2015) 842-848.

  6. Y. M. Huang*, Q.-L Ma, B.-G. Zhai, Controlled morphology of ZnO nanostructures by adjusting the zinc foil heating temperature in an air-filled box furnace, Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol. 147 (2014) 788-795.

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