Scientific Programs

The conference solicits original and state-of-the-art contributions to the related topics in invited talks, oral presentations, and posters. Topics of interest include:

  • Optical materials

    Photoluminescent materials and devices

    Electroluminescent materials and LEDs

    Phosphorescent materials

    Photonic materials and devices

    Photochramatic materials and devices

  • Electronic materials

    Growth, processing, characterization and devices of wide-bandgap materials

    Growth, doping, defects, nanostructures and devices of oxide semiconductors

    Narrow-bandgap materials and devices

    Low-dimensional structures—quantum dots, wires and wells

    Epitaxial materials, superlattices and devices

    Nanoscale characterization—scanning probes, electron microscopy and other techniques

  • Electrical materials

    Graphene, BN, MoS2 and other 2D materials and devices

    Carbon nanotubes, nanowires and devices

    Conducting polymers

  • Energy conversion and photon harvesting materials

    Organic and hybrid photovoltaics

    Next-generation solar-cell materials and devices

    Thermoelectrics and thermionics 

    Ionic conductors for solid-oxide fuel cells and batteries

    Photocatalytic materials

    Photodegradation materials

    New strategies of sustainable energy

  • Materials physics and chemistry

    Advanced materials design, synthesis, characterization and property

    Electrochemical growth of novel functional materials

    Polymer science and technology

    Inorganic/polymer hybrid nanomaterials

  • Materials Engineering

    Nondestructive testing and in situ monitoring and control

    Semiconductor processing: oxidation, passivation and etching

    Chemical engineering of functional materials

  • Magnetic and Spintronic Materials

    Nanomagnetic, magnetic memory and spintronic materials

  • Other functional materials and devices

    Mesomorphic materials and soft matters

    Biomaterials and interfaces

    Molecular electronics and OLEDs: devices, materials and sensors

    Organic thin-film and crystalline transistors: devices, materials and processing

    Flexible and printed thin-film electronics








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